Xamarin Test Recorder in MacOS for iOS/Android mobile automation

In this post we are going to discuss recording Xamarin.UITest Test for iOS mobile application running in MacOS via Xamarin Test Recorder.

Xamarin Test Recorder

The Xamarin Test Recorder reduces the effort and the time it takes to create automated UI tests that can be submitted to Xamarin Test Cloud as well as local testing running via Xamarin.UITest in Visual Studio for Mac 2017

Xamarin Test Recorder is the first ever tool in mobile automation testing space which gives automation testers to

  1. Record the test
  2. Export the test as clipboard 
  3. Run the test 
  4. Export the test on Xamarin Test cloud (with very minimal configurations)

Most of the above options are already discussed in lot more detailed in the course https://www.udemy.com/xamarin-uitest

Here is the complete video of the above discussion.

Thanks for reading the post and watching the video!!!

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Karthik KK

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