In this course, one will get all the information needed to get start with Team foundation server from ground up.

This course is designed for both Developers and QAs, meaning we will cover all the nitty-gritty details of TFS 2015 which is required for both of them.

Here is an overview of what we are going to discuss in this course.

  • TFS video series and what to expect from this series
  • Introduction to TFS 2015
  • Installing TFS 2015
  • Creating Team project and Team collection
  • Performing check-in, check-out and understanding workspaces
  • Introduction to Team Foundation Web 2015
  • Understanding TFS 2015 Roles
  • Understanding and creating Work Items
  • Understanding and creating items links and advanced operations
  • Creating work items from TFS Web
  • Understanding Builds in TFS 2015
  • Setting environment ready for build execution
  • Creating our first build template with XAML definition
  • Creating our first build template with TFS 2015 build definition
  • Executing build from Team explorer and TFS web
  • Continuous integration with TFS 2015