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Running ASP.Net MVC application on RaspberryPi 3 with .Net Core 2

In our last post we discussed running console application with .Net core 2. In this post we will extend the concept even further by running an ASP.Net MVC application on Raspberry Pi 3 with .Net Core 2

You can see we will run an full blow ASP.Net application on Windows 10 IoT core, which is really awesome !

Here is the complete video discussing the concept

Make sure you don’t forget to turn off <MvcRazorCompileOnPublish>false</MvcRazorCompileOnPublish> 

Here is the complete project in GitHub of ExecuteAutomation

Thanks for reading the post and watching the video!!!

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Working with Interfaces in Typescript

In our last article, we discussed how to work with Enums, functions and anonymous functions. In this article, we will discuss about Interfaces in Typescript.


One of TypeScript’s core principles is that type-checking focuses on the shape that values have. This is sometimes called “duck typing” or “structural subtyping”. In TypeScript, interfaces fill the role of naming these types, and are a powerful way of defining contracts within your code as well as contracts with code outside of your project.

Type interference to actual types

Now our existing function we discussed in previous post will become from this

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Working with Variables, Enums and Arrays with Typescript

In our last post we discussed an introduction and installation of Typescript, in this post we will discuss how to work with Variables, Enums and Arrays with Typescript.

Working with Variables

There are different types available in Typescript which are almost available in JS like

  1. Number
  2. String
  3. Boolean
  4. Any
  5. void
  6. Null

Variable Declaration

Declarations of variable can be done with following in Typescript

  1. let
  2. const
  3. var

Working with Arrays and Enums

Enums allow us to define a set of named numeric constants. An enum can be defined using the enum keyword.


Inserting an value in to an array can be done something like this

Here is the complete source code of the above discussion in GitHub

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