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Era of Non-Selenium automation testing tools 2019

Selenium was developed as an internal tool in 2004 at ThoughtWorks and later it made publicly available as Selenium Webdriver coming out from alpha and beta stage in 2009

Selenium is the best tool even till now, it supports multiple browsers, ecosystems, language binding and many tools are extending Selenium or building on the top of Selenium even till date.

Lets discuss about each and every tool one by one

Here is the complete video of the above discussion

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Automation framework with Selenium Java course rated highest in Udemy

Dear Friends,

I am very excited for one of the most interesting course “Automation framework with Selenium Java (Advanced)” which got released on 2016 is now rated as the highest rated course in Udemy for third time in a row.

The course while released initially had all the great features which any industry standard framework should posses like shown below

And due to recent changes in Selenium, Cucumber and Cucumber html reporting and various requirements from students like you, I started releasing Season 2 upgrades with new topics as shown below

Upcoming sections of the course (tomorrow)

The course section will be featuring new videos such as

  • Introduction to custom control extension
  • Custom Base control extensions
  • Fluent interface coding practise etc

Once again thank you very much for rating and purchasing the course.

Please let me know if you are interested, I happy to share the coupon code with upto 50% discount.

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ExecuteAutomation YouTube channel has now over 25,000+ subscribers

Dear friends,

I am pretty excited and happy for ExecuteAutomation that its YouTube channel, the heart and soul of ExecuteAutomation which is helping millions of people has now breached the 25,000+ subscribers mark.

Little history

ExecuteAutomation YouTube channel started on end of 2014 and featured very few videos which focused mainly Specflow and Selenium C# video, later from 2016 ExecuteAutomation YouTube video gained more popularity and the viewers demands increased with range of questions from across different tools not just with Specflow or Selenium.

Hence ExecuteAutomation, started to feature almost all the automation testing tools and practices videos for FREE such as

  • Coded UI Testing
  • Specflow with C#
  • Selenium with C#
  • Robotium
  • Appium
  • TFS
  • Jenkins
  • Coypu
  • Moq
  • Xamarin.UITest
  • Docker and more..

Marking one of the first YouTube channel to feature MOST VIDEOS EVER on automation testing.

At Present

Currently we have over 470+ videos with over 40+ playlist which talks about automation testing tools and technologies in much granular level.

Please visit ExecuteAutomation YouTube channel and start learning if you have not visited before !

Thank you again for making this happen !

Karthik KK

Generating Extent Report with Specflow and Selenium C#

In this article we will discuss how to generate Extent Report with Specflow and Selenium C#, this article is splitted into three different videos and this post will keep on updating everytime new video is released.

Extent Reports

ExtentReports is a logger-style API written for Java and .NET environments which allows creating HTML reports from tests.

Extentreport pseudocode – BDD Style

Here is the report we are going to generate in this mini series

Here is the complete video of the above discussion

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[Updated] ExecuteAutomation speech in New Zealand – Meetup 1

Dear Friends,

I am pretty excited to share you all, probably you might have know that before, I am going to talk for the first time in Auckland, New Zealand @WeTest community meetup on BDD with Specflow.

We are expecting to have around 60+ participant from across Auckland joining physically since we have space limitation, but there are still around 40+ waiting list to attend the meetup, and many have shown interest from across the globe to participate but unfortunately not everyone can fly for just 1 hour session, hence we are going to Go Live in YouTube on 12th Dec as shown below

Please Join with me for complete session happening on 12th Dec right from your Mobile/Desktop.



Meetup yesterday was fantastic and I could see lot of people turn around even during their busy working day schedule, great questions and great hospitality from Clearpoint.












Karthik KK


Selenium PageFactory does not work in .NET Core 2.0

In this post we will discuss one of the recent burning issue with Selenium PageFactory which does not work in .NET Core 2.0 framework.

Selenium 3.6.0 and 3.7.0 are the first official package to natively support .Net Standard 2.0 as opposed to earlier version which even though works in .NET Core 2.0 framework, will still see warnings in references as shown below


But the problem now with Selenium 3.6.0 and Selenium 3.7.0 is its missing one of the most important Class PageFactory used for Page Object Model and Page Navigation, which we can literally see from the Object browser of visual studio in comparison with .NET framework 4.7


Here is the change log of Selenium 3.6.0

Here is the complete video of the above discussion

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Everyday automation testing video in Sep 2017

Dear friends,

September 2017 is not a great month of mine personally, but to make it great, I am going to share more videos than any other month. So keep an eye on your YouTube notification, you should be getting it every day*, instead of the usual pattern of every other day

Curious about the topics of the month ?

We are going to discuss following topics in this month

  1. Xamarin.UITest cross-platform mobile automation testing 
  2. ExecuteAutomation Reporting System and ExecuteAutomation TestHarness system
  3. C# for automation testing – C# 7.0 new features and more
  4. IoT new features and more..

Hope you will enjoy learning it !

Karthik KK