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Angular automation with Protractor+Typescript+Cucumber is best seller course after upgrade !

Dear friends,

Couple of months back angular automation with Protractor + Typescript + Cucumber course was rated too low by many students due to the course becoming obsolete and many of its supporting plugins used in the course made the framework broken and unusable.

After many comments from students like you, we started upgrading the course to the latest and greatest framework, plugin and new topics under Tidbits section and finally, the course has aligned to what you were looking for. Now the course has bagged once again as the Best Seller course from Udemy. You can check out the course from here https://www.udemy.com/protractor/

About Course

Angular automation with Protractor + Typescript + Cucumber course is designed in such as way that anyone with basic knowledge in Typescript and selenium can get started with this course without any hiccups.

This course is the first ever course which covers Protractor automation with Typescript language, which in turn helps people to understand how easy it is to work with Typescript comparing to Javascript.

Please let me know if you are interested and I will share you the discount coupon code.


Karthik KK

Angular automation with Protractor + Typescript + Cucumber is tagged as Best Selling course in Udemy !

Dear Friends,

I am very excited to announce that the course Angular automation with Protractor + Typescript + Cucumber  released last month has out sold comparing any other courses I have released so for in Udemy.

Today Udemy has awarded the course as one of the Best Selling in Udemy Marketplace


This is the second course of mine in Udemy marketplace to get Best seller hat next to Automation framework development with Selenium C# (Advanced)

Thank you very much for making this happen !

Please feel free to mail or comment below to get discount coupon if you are planning to purchase this course for slashed price.


Karthik KK

Angular 2 automation with Protractor + Typescript + Cucumber

Dear friends,

I am very happy to release the next big course in Udemy on Angular 2 automation with Protractor + Typescript + Cucumber.

This course is very interesting and one of my long time goal/ambition to release for QA community, since I find Zero or No resource on Protractor automation testing at least with Typescript combination.

The course features following topics

  • Understand building Angular 2 application with Angular-cli
  • Understanding and working with Jasmine
  • Understanding and working with Protractor (Basic)
  • Understanding and working with Protractor (Advanced)
  • Working with Cucumber and Protractor with Typescript

The course has not only covered very basic topics on Protractor, but it has also covered some of the advanced concepts which are required for production ready and industry standard.

Here is the complete introduction video of the above discussion

Thanks for reading the post and watching the video!!!

Please leave your comments and let me know if there is anything I should update in this post.

Karthik KK