Any application we build, the success and failure is determined by its  Performance, for example Windows Vista failed due to its poor performance, thus Performance testing  is getting super important for applications such as Banking, Finance, E-Commerce, Mobile and what more even desktop. Here we are going to discuss on tools such as


The Apache JMeter™ desktop application is open source software, a 100% pure Java application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. It was originally designed for testing Web Applications but has since expanded to other test functions.

VisualStudioVisual Studio Test (Performance Testing)

With the power of Visual Studio and C#, we can do performance and load testing of applications quickly and easily. With the availability of Visual Studio Online, we now have the power to run test in Cloud, but comes with Cost.

loadrunnerLoad Runner

One of the first and best commercial load testing tool, developed by somebody and now with HP, is the most learned and used tool in performance testing, due to its vast support on various different protocols, but again comes with Cost.


  1. Sri Hari says:

    Hi.. Karthik

    This is Sri Hari

    My requirement is how to get the python in Docker with docker compose or docker file..
    I tried in some ways but i couldn’t make it properly. So could you please help me
    Note: I’m using docker on windows 10

  2. Kalai says:

    Hi Karthi,
    request you to clarify me how to check performance issue in selenium, we are using selenium,visual studio 2015,c#.
    we use to declare variables in global for all test cases, instead of this, should we declare inside our every test method?

      • Ansari says:

        Hi Kartik
        I have some selenium specflow automation script , which are running fine for functional test.
        I want to to the load testing using existing selenium specflow script.
        could you please help me with the integration of load test with selenium specflow scripts.

        Thanks in advance

  3. shuma says:

    how to do parallel testing using selenium C#?? I know we can do it with java selenium using TestNG. Can anyone show me the high level diagram of C# selenium diagram using VSTS. like a complete flow diagram including CI/CD pipelines.

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