Moq is one of the most popular mocking framework for .Net and Moq takes full advantage of .NET Linq expression trees and lambda expressions, which makes it the most productive, type-safe and refactoring-friendly mocking library available. Moq is an open-source and free library which can be downloaded from Github or added to project via Nuget. This video series is aimed to give a complete basic walkthrough of how to work with Moq and how its useful for both developers and testers !!!

Part 1 - Introduction to Moq (Moq video series)

Part 2 - Installing and writing simple test code without Moq (Moq video series)

Part 2b - Writing first simple Mock code with Moq (Moq video series)

Part 3 -- Working with return values of methods using Moq (Moq video series)

Part 4 -- Test times method being called using Moq (Moq video series)

Part 5 - Times method being called using Moq (complex) (Moq video series)

Part 6 -- Matching/Tracking parameters for method with Moq (Moq video series)