In this page we will discuss to work in Appium with Java, meaning here there wont be much theory on Appium, since we have already discussed about Appium in theory in Understanding Appium page.

Here are the list of topics for Appium with Java and we will start with very basic to near advance by covering all the topics required by one to get started in Appium automation for their day to day work !!!


  1. madhu says:

    thanks for your tutorials. Can you let us know how to setup appium with android studio. it will be helpful

  2. kishore says:

    Hi Karthick,

    Thank you so much for creating such beautiful videos.Your videos about Appium is very clear and easy to follow.
    Can you post a video should contain all action class functionalities like touch action, drag ,vertical and horizontal swipe.?

  3. yunus says:

    While setting the DesiredCapabilities
    i am not getting the APP_PACKAGE
    it is displaying only APP and APP_VERSION

    Can you please help me.

    • Harry says:

      Hi guy, you can find both app package & app activity by using terminal:

      adb devices
      adb shell
      dumpsys window windows | grep -E ‘mCurrentFocus’

  4. Lam Quang Thanh says:

    Hi Karthik,

    I’m using TestNG to run test with xml file. So i want to run test after working day. DO we have a solution to run test with timer?
    Ex: i want to run test at 8PM automatically.


    • Karthik kk says:

      I guess you can run only by external tools like Windows Scheduler or CI tools like Jenkins not that TestNG can do it.

      Karthik KK

  5. Uday says:

    Hi Karthi,

    When we plan to run Appium TestNG with Jenkins… Do we need to connect real device remain or how this should run as headless for Mobile. Can you please suggest some good approach. Thanks.


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