Mobile Automation with Xamarin UITest

Dear Friends,

Today I am very happy to announce that ExecuteAutomation has released yet another course in Udemy on Mobile Automation with Xamarin.UITest , an cross platform application testing framework for android/ios ecosystems.

This is the first ever course in the Internet on Xamarin.UITest which is covered so much detailed.

These are the following topics covered in this course

  1. Understand basic of Xamarin app development
  2. Understand Xamarin UITest basic concepts such as
    1. Record and Playback
    2. REPL
    3. Locators
    4. Page Object Model
  3. Working with Hybrid application developed with Ionic 2 framework
  4. Working with advanced concepts of Xamarin such as
    1. Advanced interations
    2. Backdoors
    3. Xamarin Test Cloud
  5. Automation framework development with Xamarin.UITest
  6. Creating custom configuration for Xamarin.UITest framework
  7. BDD with Specflow

Hope you will enjoy learning this course as I did while creating the course and working with them.

If you are interested, please drop me your email in the comments below before you purchase, I will share you the latest coupon code for discount.


Karthik KK


  1. Prabu says:

    Hi Karthik,

    I am big follower of your video series…
    Recently I had worked in Xamarin UITest. But worked with a basic operations with non optimized framework for a POC kind of stuff.. I want to know the maintainable framework for the Xamarin and want to know the TestCloud details also. If you can share the a coupon for your udemy course ( it will be helpful for me.

    And I want know that the course content is fixed for the above Xamarin UI Test course or you will be adding more content in the near future?

    If possible I want a coupon code for another course on Protractor Video Series.

    Thanks & regards,
    Prabu R

  2. Sudarson says:

    Hello Karthik,

    I had gone through the videos in YouTube. It is really crisp and clear, so would like to continue. Can I get the voucher code.

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