In BDD and Specflow video series, we will discuss on the concept of Behavioral Driven Development and working with Specflow.



  1. Anusha says:

    Hi Karthik,

    I have listened few of your videos on Selenium with C#. Very useful.
    Actually I have a question. I am new to automation. I got selenium task from my client.
    I have automated 3 scenarios using BDD specflow by going through some videos and tutorials.
    I would like to implement a framework in BDD with SpecFlow.
    Please explain how to do implement framework for BDD SpecFlow?

    Thank You!


  2. sravan says:

    Hi Karthik,

    I am new to C# but I would like to implement some selenium automation for my web application project. So could you tell which version of Visual Studio I could install in my personal PC to get some learning and I am only looking for free version if possible.

    Thank you

  3. Sundeep says:

    Hi Karthik,

    I have worked on Selenium with Java and had to work on a project with C#. I came across your site and its very helpful that its specialized in C#. Regarding Specflow, my understanding was that Specflow is similar to Cucumber and will be used with Selenium with C# for UI automation. However, I understand from few sites that Specflow can be independently used with C# without bringing Selenium into play. Is my understanding correct? I haven’t been able to figure out though I googled a lot so thought you’d be able to answer this for me. Thanks.


    • karthik KK says:

      Yes you are correct.

      If you want to do UI automation, then the API is Selenium or even Coded UI.

      But its not required that you need to use Selenium with Specflow, since Specflow is just a tool to perform BDD.

      Hope this answers your question !!!

      Karthik KK

      • Sundeep says:

        Thanks Karthik for your reply and it did answer my question.
        Are there any advantages of using CodedUI over Selenium or vice-versa? What are the differences between CodedUI and Selenium?

  4. Shaik says:

    Hi Karthik ,

    Can you please provide some sample examples for BDD testing using SpecFlow for Window Based applications, as all your examples are on only dummy data.

    So if you provide any sample window based examples it would be helpful.

    Thanks and Regards.

  5. Neha says:


    I want to automate cross platform applications using Specflow for one End to End scenario.

    Platforms include Java, WPF and Java webserivces.

    Please suggest if this is possible.


    • Karthik kk says:


      WPF and WebService – Coded UI Testing and specflow on the top of it.
      Java – I believe you are talking about the language used to build the application

      Unless until your UI is going to be just WPF and service is going to be web service, its still automatable.

      Karthik KK

  6. Vijender Malav says:

    Hi, I am able to connect and get the data(Test cases or Defects) from HP ALM using ALM Rest API in C# but facing issue while updating test run status(Passed or Failed) in test lab. I would be thankful for any help.

  7. Gopinath says:

    I have just gone through your videos on BDD specflow and i have tried to followed your steps , but for some reason I couldn’t see the tests on the Test explorer when I run from Test- windows-test explorer, could you please let me know if I am doing anything wrong

  8. Srikanth says:

    Hi karthik,

    I am trying to read the data from excel to the feature file(specflow),
    Do you have any solution for the above,please let me know .


  9. sushma says:

    Hi Karthik,

    When I click on Run All option present in the test explorer to execute all the automation scripts, VSTS was crashing bcz of this reason I am able to run 2 to 3 scripts at a time,Could you please provide solution how to run all the selenium scripts at time

    Using specflow and Nunit frame works.


    • Karthik kk says:

      Visual studio will never crash if you run all test same time, can you send me the exception thrown by visual studio 2015

  10. Ashish Mishra says:

    Hi Karthik,

    I have this big doubt, i mean there are stuffs and things that can be done by using C# coding and the same things are being done by Specflow. For example the way you have displayed use of Table can also be implemented by using plain C# code. my question is :
    Does spec flow provides some additional features/libraries that further simplifies our task or is there something more to it.

    • Karthik kk says:

      What do you mean further simplify ?

      Since Table class is already simple in Specflow, all you have to do is just call the methods provided by it

      Karthik KK

  11. Kojie says:

    Hi Karthik,
    Good day!
    I am new to automation testing, can you give me a list of your tutorial after I learn the Selenium Automation with C#? Like BDD and Specflow.

    Hope you will help me in my question, thanks and have a great day!


  12. sandy says:

    Hi Karthik,

    Planning to start API automation using C# with spec flow, Which framework is more opt for API automation, as well looking extensive report generation like (PDF format) and should execute in jenkins too.

    Am looking for ur valuable suggestion

    So far we were used soapui and pro for API automation

  13. Priyanka says:

    Hi Karthik,

    I am quite new to automation but with the help of your wonderful videos I have managed to create a test automation framework with BDD using Specflow and Coded UI. I am fetching the test data from an excel file but for now I am running the scenarios from visual studio itself.
    I want to keep the test case names in an excel and mention them as executable or not, and run the executable ones with the help of c# code because its difficult to select the scenarios from specflow feature files and run when I have a very large set.
    Could you please help me with this?

  14. Niraj says:

    Hi Karthik ,

    This article help me more. I have one doubt. How we can set the test case priority if they belongs from two different feature file. I have four test case . I need to run in the priority base in my framework. Could you please help me out?

  15. Mallesh says:


    I am basically .Net developer and I am asked to implement BDD for projects. I am new to Specflow and Selenium and I have watched some videos of BDD and Specflow from you. My understanding from that is, one should understand Selenium with C# before jumping to Specflow. Am I correct?

  16. PD says:

    We have a new project where we have to create BDD Automation Framework from scratch. Within the same project group, we already have Automation framework built using CodedUI and Specflow, and we are working on re-using the same.

    While we are working on re-using, we figured that Object Repository maintenance and SpecRun(Component of Specflow which contributes for BDD feature execution and reporting) Integration is bit of a challenge in CodedUI. To overcome this challenge we are thinking of using Selenium .Net. But we need to uncover challenges of Selenium .Net implementation. So, Selenium .Net or CodedUI for BDD? Could you please help us decide.

  17. umar says:

    OpenQA.Selenium.WebDriverException : A exception with a null response was thrown sending an HTTP request to the remote WebDriver server for URL The status of the exception was KeepAliveFailure, and the message was: The underlying connection was closed: A connection that was expected to be kept alive was closed by the server.
    —-> System.Net.WebException : The
    Problem occurs when tests run using TFS release nightly build

    I have tried upgrade all nuget packages with latest version then old chrome version but still getting problem

  18. Anindita Rudra says:

    Hi …I wanted to know what future prospects does leanFT and specflow has. Is leanFT used for desktop application? I didnt find much online tutorial for LeanFT.

  19. hargovind says:

    Hi Karthik

    I am completely new to automation and My manager has told me to create a framework in selenium using C#. I have come across this BDD and Specflow and went through few videos. can i go ahead with a framework design using these videos as i don’t have any guide to clarify my doubts. so can i depend on these videos.

  20. Sabina says:


    I use the same scenario in more tests and when I had to change something in the main scenario I had to change it manually in all my tests.

    There is another option? (when I change in the main scenario the others to automatically updated, not manual)

    Best regards,

  21. Vaasavi says:

    I have Created a Class Library and done my coding using specflow and selenium. In specflow have used few tags such as [BeforeScenario] and [AfterScenario].

    I have Another Load test Project in the same solution and added the Class library in reference. added the code to call the specflow.cs file

    When I debug the Load test, [BeforeScenario] and [AfterScenario] is not considered. Pls help if any solution.

    Thanks in Advance

  22. venkat says:

    Hi Karthik,

    Is there any possibility to setup Selenium Grid along with Selenium Specflow C#?

    If yes then could you please share you have any detailed document or any videos.

  23. venkat says:

    Hi Karthik,

    Is there any possibility to implement Selenium Grid along with Specflow C#?

    If yes then could you please share the detailed steps or any videos?

  24. Puneet says:

    Hi, I want to do performance testing of my Acceptance Test case written in c# with specflow. what is the best tool to go with.

    Note : I am new to Automation but experienced programmer.

  25. Avaneesh says:

    Hi Karthik,
    Is there any way to run the coded ui tests in test machines having:
    1. No internet connection
    2. No Visual studio
    3. No Test Agent/Controller

    Intention: Take the DLLs to the test machine and run test cases there. (How to invoke them??)
    Please help.

  26. Srabani says:

    Hi Karthik,
    I am facing compilation errors while running simple specflow scenario .I am using visual studio 2015.Please suggest.
    Error CS0111 Type ‘EnterPointScenariosFeature’ already defines a member called ‘FeatureSetup’ with the same parameter types
    Error CS0111 Type ‘EnterPointScenariosFeature’ already defines a member called ‘TestInitialize’ with the same parameter types

  27. Tarun Bonthu says:

    Hi Karthik,
    Your videos are nice. Even persons without any prior knowledge can understand from your videos. Could you please make a video on using autoit in selenium with c# in visualstudio/ how to upload files in web application using selenium with c# with out copying file path name

  28. Jabeen says:

    Hi Karthik,
    I have seen your videos for BDD Specflow automation testing and these are awesome. Thanks much for posting these videos.
    I have developed Specflow BDD framework using c#. Now I want to setup my framework for cross browser testing and parallel testing without using any licence tool like Browser Stack (I have an idea of Browser Stack but my client don’t want to use it).

    Could you please tell me how we can do browser testing / parallel testing with specflow?
    Can we use selenium grid? If yes then what setup is required? Or else can we do using powershell script?
    It will be great help to me. Please find my details below.
    Thanks in advance.

  29. Shravan says:

    I had a hard situation in case of going forward with cucumber with java or Specflow with .Net
    Right now we have a company framework for automating web application which was designed within java and cucumber but there is a discussion going on that “Looks like all their applications are written in .net and why don’t i go a head and use specFlow with .net so that developers can able to understand the code level and can able to understand if any errors come when i integrate with devops CI/CD in future” but the company’s framework was designed in java (cucumber) and within eclipse..
    May i know the major difference between Cucumber and Specflow and what issues i might face if i go with SpecFlow
    can i get some points on these situation so that i can able to convince them from java perspective

    Thank You

  30. Lavanya says:

    Hi Karthik
    I am trying to create my own docker file for windows 10 machine but unable to find any command to install UFT through powershell commands.
    In docker file through choco install installing google chrome & nodejs set ups but I am struck at installing UFT in remote machine through any specific command.Can you help me with creating docker file for UFT installation?We cannot use the existing online container linux images due to security reasons just FYI.
    In this below link->Need to install LeanFT_14.53_Windows_Setup.exe file – silent installation

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