VS Coded UI Series is designed to cover all the nitty gritty details in Visual Studio CUIT. This video series will start from Introduction through advanced level hand coding with CUIT for all the technologies like MSAA, Web and UITestControl (Generic). We will cover more topics on web, since thats where the world of is moving now !!!

Search and Filter Properties in Coded UI Testing -- Part 8 (CUIT Video Series)

GetProperty and SetProperty in Coded UI Test -- Part 9 (CUIT Video Series)

Hand Coding in Coded UI Testing (Part a) -- Part 10 (CUIT Video Series)

Handing Coded in Coded UI Test (Part b) -- Part 11 (CUIT Video Series)

Hand Coding Coded UI Test with UITestControl -- Part 12 (CUIT Video Series)

Getting all the controls of Application using UITestControlCollection--Part 13 (CUIT Video Series)

Record and Playback in Coded UI for Web Application -- Part 14 (CUIT Video Series)