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Software testing trend 2019

Software testing trend 2019

In this post, we will discuss Software testing trends of 2019 in much high level, as most of the trends that we will discuss below are carried out from last year and this year there will happen a lot of maturity and stability on the existing trend.

Quick Recap of testing trend 2018

As you can see above a lot of companies emerged based on AI as their focus to resolve software automation testing problem by introducing

• Self-healing
• Self-maintenance
• Self-reporting

The more interesting topic on AI is Sapienz technology which Facebook recently acqui-hired Majicke’s founders, Professor Mark Harman (scientific advisor), Ke Mao (CTO), and Yue Jia (CEO), alongside some of the company’s assets

Sapienz technology

Sapienz now automatically designs, runs and reports the results of tens of thousands of test cases every day on the Facebook Android app. In the first few months since its deployment, the technology has allowed engineers to fix issues within hours (sometimes within minutes) of the code being written. You can read more details from here

Software testing trend 2019 (shown as vision)

For sure 2019, will be the year of AI in automation testing field, lot of companies like who are already working prominently in this area such as

  • Mabl
  • Testim
  • Functionalize etc

Alongside Voice-based testing are set to improve such

  • Alexa and its related products (esp IOT products)
  • Google Home and Google auto
  • Cortana (may be)

Here is the complete video of the above discussions

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Top 5 distinguished features of TestProject

In our last post we discussed how to install and configure TestProject. In this video we will discuss top 5 distinguished features of TestProject.

Lets discuss all the Top 5 features of TestProject one by one

Run any type of test from anywhere with TestAgents

Easily plug and play real android/iOS device to test Hybrid/Native applications from Windows and MacOS

Write custom addon and use community driven addons within your tests

Extending TestProject with SDK and language of your choice

Manage device in one place, anywhere from the world

Here is the complete video of the above discussion

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ExecuteAutomation YouTube channel has now over 25,000+ subscribers

Dear friends,

I am pretty excited and happy for ExecuteAutomation that its YouTube channel, the heart and soul of ExecuteAutomation which is helping millions of people has now breached the 25,000+ subscribers mark.

Little history

ExecuteAutomation YouTube channel started on end of 2014 and featured very few videos which focused mainly Specflow and Selenium C# video, later from 2016 ExecuteAutomation YouTube video gained more popularity and the viewers demands increased with range of questions from across different tools not just with Specflow or Selenium.

Hence ExecuteAutomation, started to feature almost all the automation testing tools and practices videos for FREE such as

  • Coded UI Testing
  • Specflow with C#
  • Selenium with C#
  • Robotium
  • Appium
  • TFS
  • Jenkins
  • Coypu
  • Moq
  • Xamarin.UITest
  • Docker and more..

Marking one of the first YouTube channel to feature MOST VIDEOS EVER on automation testing.

At Present

Currently we have over 470+ videos with over 40+ playlist which talks about automation testing tools and technologies in much granular level.

Please visit ExecuteAutomation YouTube channel and start learning if you have not visited before !

Thank you again for making this happen !

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Writing custom configuration for Selenium automation framework

In this post, I am going to discuss about one of the important extension added in my Udemy course Automation framework development with Selenium C# (Advanced) which is custom configuration for selenium automation framework

Problem Statement

Currently in our EAFramework discussed in the course we are using GlobalConfig.xml file to read information for our framework as one shown below

Well, the problem with the above configuration is, while working with EAFramework in remote machines to deploy the code via

  • Jenkins
  • TFS or
  • Running in remote machines on Azure

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Identifying broken links with Selenium C#

In this post we will discuss one of the common question asked by many readers of ExecuteAutomation, which is the topic name.

Its actually fairly very simple though, I just wrote 10 lines of code to achieve it (you might have even better solution than one I have)

So, here is the pseudo code

  1. Navigate to the URL of site you are interested in
  2. Get all the links of page using FindElements(By.Tag(“a”)) method
  3. Iterate through the page URLs and get the attributes href using GetAttribute(“href”) method
  4. Use Simple WebRequest and HttpWebResponse class to get the page response and status code.

So, here is the output

Here is the source code

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ExecuteCharity Campaign pictures

Dear Friends,

Couple of months before ExecuteAutomation conducted an 1 week quick charity campaign and made donation for around 25 students food.

As promised, here are some of the pictures shared by the school management to ExecuteAutomation

Picture 1


Picture 2

Its really an proud moment, but hopefully next year campaign will be much better and broader than this year !

Thank you once again for making this happen !

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