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Proud to teach over 100,000+ students across the globe via Udemy

Dear friends,

Today I am excited and happy to announce that our ExecuteAutomation courses in Udemy have crossed over 100,000+ students mark from 177 countries in less than 2+ years.

To keep this post short and sweet, below are the Udemy details of all the courses, reviews and have exact number of student’s enrolled

If you are really curious to know about the courses released, you can check them out here for more details

Interestingly most of the Paid courses released from ExecuteAutomation on Udemy are either highest rated or best seller, which makes me more comfortable to do more and give it back to community.

Thank you once again for making this happen!


Karthik KK

ExecuteAutomation new site launch + Udemy discount

Dear friends,

As we all know ExecuteAutomation new site is launching on Jan 1st 2018, it high time to share the happiness by giving community back with what we got from them

To celebrate this happiness and joy, all the paid course released by ExecuteAutomation in Udemy can be availed for just $30 until Jan 5th


Here is the coupon code NEWEASITE30

Karthik KK

ExecuteAutomation new website launching Jan 2018

Dear friends,

First of all Happy Christmas 2017 to you all !

Today I am very excited to share an all new ExecuteAutomation website which is set to roll out to general public starting Jan 2018.

The website is developed with ONLY ONE goal in mind “Quality training available to everyone for FREE”

Here are some quick features of the site

  • Clean UI
  • Easily access courses
  • Students registration
  • Track your progress with Dashboard
  • Rating and review courses
  • More course resources

Here is the complete look and feel video demonstration and you can access the site right away if you can’t wait till its available to everyone from here

Please give your comments and let me know what improvement you would like to see

Karthik KK

[Updated] ExecuteAutomation speech in New Zealand – Meetup 1

Dear Friends,

I am pretty excited to share you all, probably you might have know that before, I am going to talk for the first time in Auckland, New Zealand @WeTest community meetup on BDD with Specflow.

We are expecting to have around 60+ participant from across Auckland joining physically since we have space limitation, but there are still around 40+ waiting list to attend the meetup, and many have shown interest from across the globe to participate but unfortunately not everyone can fly for just 1 hour session, hence we are going to Go Live in YouTube on 12th Dec as shown below

Please Join with me for complete session happening on 12th Dec right from your Mobile/Desktop.



Meetup yesterday was fantastic and I could see lot of people turn around even during their busy working day schedule, great questions and great hospitality from Clearpoint.












Karthik KK


ExecuteAutomation YouTube channel, a year views in a month

Dear Friends,

Pretty excited to see how people are watching ExecuteAutomation YouTube channel videos.

Today I am happy to announce that last month watch time in ExecuteAutomation YouTube channel has breached its earlier months record by making an Year+ views in 1 month, meaning total watch time in hours was 365+79 days * 24 hours = 10,656 hours

The trend is really great to see how people are engaged to learn automation testing from YouTube platform apart from other learning platforms available over internet.

Thanks for making this happen !

Karthik KK