Angular automation with Protractor+Typescript+Cucumber is best seller course after upgrade !

Dear friends,

Couple of months back angular automation with Protractor + Typescript + Cucumber course was rated too low by many students due to the course becoming obsolete and many of its supporting plugins used in the course made the framework broken and unusable.

After many comments from students like you, we started upgrading the course to the latest and greatest framework, plugin and new topics under Tidbits section and finally, the course has aligned to what you were looking for. Now the course has bagged once again as the Best Seller course from Udemy. You can check out the course from here

About Course

Angular automation with Protractor + Typescript + Cucumber course is designed in such as way that anyone with basic knowledge in Typescript and selenium can get started with this course without any hiccups.

This course is the first ever course which covers Protractor automation with Typescript language, which in turn helps people to understand how easy it is to work with Typescript comparing to Javascript.

Please let me know if you are interested and I will share you the discount coupon code.


Karthik KK

Appium automation framework development with C# (Advanced)

Dear friends,

As always, I am pretty excited to release an all-new course on Udemy on Appium automation framework development with C# (Advanced). Appium with C# framework development course is the first-ever course on the internet which talks about details on automating mobile hybrid and native applications like Ionic and Xamarin with both Windows and MacOS ecosystems.

Interestingly, this course is designed by you and for you which you call see from the poll result from ExecuteAutomation blog for a couple of months now and it turns out that you choose Appium with C# course and here is the course

Here is an introduction video  of the course

The course cover following topics

  • Introduction to Appium
  • Automation Hybrid Ionic android application in Windows 10 OS
  • Page Object Models
  • Automation Native Xamarin iOS application in MacOS High Sierra
  • Introduction to framework design and development
  • BDD with Specflow for Appium with C#
  • Base and Appium Extensions
  • Custom configurations and more..

You can check out the complete course from here

If you like the course and would like to enroll, please leave your message in the comments below with correct email ID, I will share you the latest and greatest coupon code for the discount.

Karthik KK

Katalon studio running on Docker container

Katalon studio as we know is best known for helping testers to run test on platforms like

  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Linux

And now Katalon is also going to support one more platform sooner, which is Katalon on Docker container

Why Katalon is moving to Docker container?

Docker containers as we know are easy to maintain and you dont necessarily have to install all the versions of Katalon every time the team releases it, just get the latest version of Katalon from Docker hub using very simple command (if the team update the docker hub J )


  • You can now run tests much easier
  • Run on Azure/AWS or Google cloud if you have account
  • Spin up multiple containers and run same test in multiple different browsers same time

You can watch the complete above discussion from here

You can find the complete source code of the above video discussion from here

Thanks for reading the post and watching the video!!!

Please leave your comments and let me know if there is anything I should update in this post.

Karthik KK

ExecuteAutomation new site launch + Udemy discount

Dear friends,

As we all know ExecuteAutomation new site is launching on Jan 1st 2018, it high time to share the happiness by giving community back with what we got from them

To celebrate this happiness and joy, all the paid course released by ExecuteAutomation in Udemy can be availed for just $30 until Jan 5th


Here is the coupon code NEWEASITE30

Karthik KK

ExecuteAutomation new website launching Jan 2018

Dear friends,

First of all Happy Christmas 2017 to you all !

Today I am very excited to share an all new ExecuteAutomation website which is set to roll out to general public starting Jan 2018.

The website is developed with ONLY ONE goal in mind “Quality training available to everyone for FREE”

Here are some quick features of the site

  • Clean UI
  • Easily access courses
  • Students registration
  • Track your progress with Dashboard
  • Rating and review courses
  • More course resources

Here is the complete look and feel video demonstration and you can access the site right away if you can’t wait till its available to everyone from here

Please give your comments and let me know what improvement you would like to see

Karthik KK