Code-a-thon Contest is Live now !

Agenda of Code-a-thon Event (April 22nd)

Registration of contestants                          –              9 AM

Breakfast                                                                 –              9 AM – 9:30 AM

Sitecore event address                                   –              9:35 AM – 10 AM

Code-a-thon morning session begins    –              10 AM – 12 Noon

Lunch break                                                          –              12 Noon – 1 PM

Code-a-thon afternoon session begins   –              1 PM to 4 PM

Snacks and Drinks                                                –              Up to 5 PM


Code-a-thon Terms and Condition

  1. All the participants will be sent email on the event date (April 22nd ) with following information
    1. Application (A) to be automated with its URL
    2. Application (B) to be automated with its URL
  2. Scenario for the specific part of application to be automated

1.       Both (A) and (B) MUST need to be automated within the given time frame

2.       Application(s) MUST need to be automated using Selenium/Protractor/Cucumber combo

3.       Languages can be C#/Java/Typescript

4.       Once applications are automated, the code MUST need to be sent to and email address in ZIP format within 1 hour of event ends.


Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Winning criteria

Code written for Application (A) and (B) with

  1. Complete working scenarios
  2. Best coding practise
  3. Same automation framework used for both (A) and (B)
  4. Mentioned Language and tool used at its fullest

Are considered as Winners of the competition

 Winner announcement

  1. We will announce winner from exactly 1 week from the day of event via Email
  2. Winners will be getting cash awards in their bank account via wire-transfer (bank accounts will be asked in step 1)

The event will be live here



Karthik KK

Introduction and Installation of Typescript

In this post we will discuss an Introduction and Installation of Typescript


Typescript is the typed superset of Javascript that compiles(transpiles) to Javascript.

  • Typescript as its name adds type(s) enforcement which JS wont
  • Typescript has much neat easy to maintain
  • Typescript has cross-platform support

Typescript vs Javascript



Where typescript is used in automation testing ?

  • Well, its everywhere now wherever JS based framework is used, somewhere like
  • 1. AngularJS
  • 2. Protractor (testing tool for AngularJS app)
  • 3. Jasmine
  • 4. WebdriverIO

Here is the complete video of above discussion

Here is the Installation of Typescript video tutorial in Visual Studio Code Read more

[Updated] Sitecore + ExecuteAutomation Code-a-thon Contest

Dear Friends,

I am very excited to share this great news that ExecuteAutomation and Sitecore Malaysia (World’s best customer experience management platform) has joined hand to host first ever Automation testing Code-a-thon contest at Sitecore Malaysia located @ Menara binjai, Kuala lumpur, which means people from Malaysia can participate in this event physically and rest of the world can participate from their countries if they have just internet connectivity.

Here is an quick introduction video of the event


Event now available globally

What’s the Rules and regulation of the event ?

  1. Automation code must be written in either C#/Java/Javascript/Typescript
  2. Automation testing tool should be Selenium + Protractor
  3. Code written along with Cucumber will be great and have high weightage

Where is the event happening?

22 April 2017 (Saturday)


Sitecore Malaysia Sdn. Bhd

Level 18, Menara Binjai

No. 2 Jalan Binjai

Kuala Lumpur

What’s the bounty ?

  1. Winner will be given cash prize of RM 2, 000 from ExecuteAutomation
  2. Next two runner-ups will be given cash prizes from Sitecore
  3. And all the three winners will be invited for Sitecore interview by skipping most of technical rounds, since they have already proved to be technically STRONG.
  4. We also give our brand logo T-shirts

Where to register myself ?


Hope its going to be an very exciting platform to showcase your automation skills and an great opportunity to work with us @Sitecore Malaysia.

See you there !

Karthik KK

ExecuteAutomation is now with 3 Million+ visitors

I am very happy for Executeautomation and its growth, we now are with 3 Million+ visitors and still counting. The momentum of ExecuteAutomation has picked up really well in past 1 year and I don’t see anywhere the growth is going to slow down, rather it will double as there are many new open source automation videos are planned for this years

Thank you for making this happen !

Karthik KK

Passing parameters to NUnit test via CLI using params

In this post we will discuss yet another useful feature introduced in NUnit 3.x where we can pass a parameter to NUnit test class of C# from Command Line Interface (CLI) using a new feature called –params

Passing parameters

Starting NUnit 3.x, there is an most awaited option introduced for Nunit-console runner, which is passing parameters to test method(s) via CLI using –params

What’s the use case of this?

Consider a scenario something like this, Lets say we have to test application with multiple browsers and we somehow have to parameterize the BrowserType like Firefox,Chrome,IE

Then, we can do it via CLI and pass the parameter to the whole framework to run test based on the parameter (browser type) that we passed.

Here is the complete video of the above discussion

Here is the complete modified code

You can checkout the complete code from GitHub here 

Thanks for reading the post and watching the video!!!

Please leave your comments and let me know if there is anything I should update in this post.

Karthik KK

Handling multiple assert in Selenium with Assert.multiple of NUnit 3.6

In this post we will discuss how to handle multiple assert in Selenium with Assert.multiple of NUnit 3.6, this is one of the most requested feature of NUnit.

NUnit 3.6

Nunit 3.6 released by Jan 9th 2017 has number of notable improvement and features something like this

  • .NET Standard 1.6 is now supported
  • Adds support for Multiple Assert blocks
  • Added the –params option to NUnitLite
  • Theories now support Nullable enums
  • Improved assert error messages to help differentiate differences in values
  • Added warnings with Warn.If(), Warn.Unless() and Assert.Warn()
  • Enabled Path, File and Directory Asserts/Contraints for .NET Core testing
  • Added NonTestAssemblyAttribute for use by third-party developers to indicate that their assemblies reference the NUnit framework, but do not contain tests

Where is Assert.Multiple helpful ?

Consider a scenario something like this

Lets say we have to test multiple properties of an UI element in Selenium

In Nunit test framework, if the first assert fails (not meeting the condition), then the second assertion will not even takes place and the whole test fails (which we all know)

But using new Assert.Multiple method, the code can be written something like this

Benefits of Assert.Multiple

Read more

FindInSet an best way to verify Collection with Specflow Table

In this post we will discuss about working with FindInSet method of Specflow 2.1 (earlier versions don’t have this method).

FindInSet of Specflow v2.1

With Specflow v2.1, we now have a very handy method to verify an Specflow Table against an collection, which comes very handy while working with large set of data collection and verifying the same against an feature file specflow table something like this

Here is the complete video of the above discuss along with code demo

Here is the complete source code of the above video

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